Interactive Constructions: Augmented Reality Bamboo Structures Placed in a Mixed Reality (MR) context, the AA Visiting School São Paulo 2022 will rely on Augmented Reality (AR) technology to guide manual fabrication actions for the development of complex geometries built with bamboo. This year, the design and fabrication of these parametric structures will be led by […]

Artefatos Corporais Algorítmicos Artefatos Corporais Algorítmicos são acessórios, apetrechos e objetos que adornam e complementam o corpo. Tratam-se de infinitas possibilidades de extensões da identidade de cada indivíduo, gerados através de algoritmos e fabricados digitalmente. Durante os primeiros quatro dias de workshop, serão abordados conceitos básicos de design paramétrico e impressão 3D em pequena escala, […]

Parametric Design: from Form Finding to Digital Fabrication “Parametric Design: from Form Finding to Digital Fabrication” – held from Oct 30 to Dec 12, 2021 with my colleagues Marina Brant, Mateus Sartori, and Henrique Lattes.

Parametric Micro-Urbanism: Generative Design “Parametric Micro-Urbanism: Generative Design” – held from Jun 17 to 8 Jul, 2021 as part of the Critical Inputs for the Design of Smart Cities programme, with my colleagues Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Franklin Lee, Mateus Sartori, and Henrique Lattes.

casa caiçara The CAIÇARA House are beeing developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design. It is about 3 hours from Sao Paulo – Barra do Sahy. The site is in an Atlantic Forest Mountain with limited car access. We are planning to add detached 4 bedrooms on the site and because of the limitations with material […]

sou energy The SOU Energy façade was developed at SUBdV Architecture. The goal was to generate an ornamental and efficient façade. We worked with a sustainability team that gave us the optimal angles for each facade; that way, we could use this data as an input to start our work. My function was to design […]

wood pavillion The WOOD Pavilion was developed at SUBdV Architecture for a wedding in Sao Paulo. Our goal was to set a hexagonal wood lining, which should be fixed in a metal existing structure of 10m in length by 7m wights, and 8m high. For form-finding, a flat hexagon grid was drawn and applied to […]

organic benches The ORGANIC Benches were developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design for an event in Sao Paulo. The layout was designed by the architect Nathalie Bacellar, who left an area of ​​60 square meters for the benches. The pieces were developed in Grasshopper, from conception to execution. The advantage of doing the project in […]

bamboo sphere The BAMBOO Sphere was conducted with the architect Henrique Lattes Borçato as a trial study for the Architectural Association Visiting School in 2020. We recreated a sphere designed by the artist, Alison Grace Martin, in the AA Visiting School 2019 workshop. To build the sphere, we divided it into two identical domes. The […]

mona counter The MONA Counter was designed at SUBdV Architecture to match other existing fiberglass furniture built in 2016 by Jeff Chicarelli. This project aimed to restore an existing MDF counter, keeping it as the structure and creating a fiberglass skin to fit onto it. To achieve the organic shape, we fabricated styrofoam molds over […]