bamboo sphere

The BAMBOO Sphere was conducted with the architect Henrique Lattes Borçato as a trial study for the Architectural Association Visiting School in 2020. We recreated a sphere designed by the artist, Alison Grace Martin, in the AA Visiting School 2019 workshop. To build the sphere, we divided it into two identical domes. The first step involved laying 15 bamboo stripes on the ground, forming a pentadecagon in the center. From that point, we weaved the bamboo stripes with a technique taught by Alison. Finally, we fixated the bamboo stripes with clamps, and consequently, the structure took the shape of a semi-sphere, which was used to build the sphere. After constructing the bamboo sphere, we analyzed the structure in the K2 Engineering software to compare the real-life physics with the digital.

bending flat bamboo
connecting two parts
suspended bamboo sphere
bamboo sphere