casa caiçara


The CAIÇARA House are beeing developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design. It is about 3 hours from Sao Paulo – Barra do Sahy. The site is in an Atlantic Forest Mountain with limited car access. We are planning to add detached 4 bedrooms on the site and because of the limitations with material transportation and the desire to somehow manufacture off-site (in Sao Paulo) and bring in pieces for site assemblage. There is a hilly part of the site that we can’t really build on it since it is within the 33 meters Brazilian marine coast requirement to keep out any new construction.

The idea is to build 2 pavilions with two bedrooms/ bathrooms each. The existing building would receive the shared common spaces (kitchen, living room, and balcony). We would like to build with the least impact and without removing any trees. The project below is not the last version, some modifications were made. We are currently building the upper wood deck.

sun exposure analysis
design process