guarapiranga nautical park

The project is a public urban nautical park in the border of the Guarapiranga dam. The intention is to turn it into a nautical sports school – not mechanized – for the population resident in São Paulo, beyond to requalify and restructure the region. Furthermore, is important raise awareness the population about the importance of preserve the spring and the water quality.

Both the Guarapiranga dam and the architectural preexistence – Santapaula Iateclube and Boat Garage, designed by the architects Vilanova Artigas and Carlos Cascaldi in the 70’s – are considered potentialities and constraints to develop the urban nautical park.

Each pier has a different program and it is possible to access the piers both by the park or by water. The Boat Garage becomes an events pavilion. Their function is to promote the practice of nautical sports, making the population aware of the importance of protecting the environment.


The masterplan is divided in two parts: the Boulevard and the Park:

BOULEVARD. There are many unused buildings, including the Santapaula Iateclube. Therefore, commercial and services buildings were proposed and the Santapaula Iateclube becomes a Water and Environment Institute. The new buildings attend the local population and also support to the park.

PARK. Owing to constant changes in water level, the park is almost entirely flooded. Due to that, all the buildings were projecting in piers above the floodable level. There are six piers along 2.3km of the dam. Their accesses are result of the paths extension, which follow horizontally at the non-floodable level. Consequently, there are small bridges along the park.

Pier 1 – new bout garage and restaurant
Pier 3 – rowing school
shed detail