Interactive Constructions: Augmented Reality Bamboo Structures

Placed in a Mixed Reality (MR) context, the AA Visiting School São Paulo 2022 will rely on Augmented Reality (AR) technology to guide manual fabrication actions for the development of complex geometries built with bamboo. This year, the design and fabrication of these parametric structures will be led by architects Prof. Kristof Crolla and Mr. Garvin Goepel, using both analog and digital techniques.

The aim will be to combine bamboo constructions and digital technologies, based on digital design research used for the implementation of bending-active bamboo shell structures. Students will present physical prototypes of these lightweight and low-tech building systems in the Brazilian context. The projects will be developed in Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, and Karamba, and they will be built aided by Fologram, holographic devices (Microsoft HoloLenses), and handheld smartphones.

The workshop will be primarily taught in English at Universidade Belas Artes, in Sao Paulo, and it will be supported by a team (English/Portuguese speakers) of local digital design experts and members of the @subdv_architecture.