sou energy

The SOU Energy façade was developed at SUBdV Architecture. The goal was to generate an ornamental and efficient façade. We worked with a sustainability team that gave us the optimal angles for each facade; that way, we could use this data as an input to start our work. My function was to design options and do environmental analysis using Ladybug.

We assume that to facilitate manufacturing, all parts used to block the sun should be equal, so the material chosen was shingles (ideally made of wood, a sustainable, carbon-sequestering, and locally available material). We designed two options: shingles fixed to an orthogonal mesh and shingles fixed to a curved surface. The organic effect was generated by the different angles determined by attractor curves. The inclination changes by a factor of 5 degrees to reduce the number of modular shingles and guarantee that the shape blocks the incidence of the sun’s rays.

3D modeling in Grasshopper
3D modeling in Grasshopper
3D modeling in Grasshopper
Wood “taubilhas” from Cunha, Sao Paulo
Shingle prototype (test)

Architecture/Render: BCMF Arquitetos
Engineering: RCM Engenharia de Estruturas
Envirionmental data: ARES – Eficiência Energética e Sustentabilidade
Parametric Façade: SUBdV (Led by Henrique Lattes Borçato)