The TACUARA Pavilion was part of a workshop that included six online sessions and three in-person sessions. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with Professor Mansur Arevalo and Tacuara Diseño en Bambú. Initially, our course featured informative sessions on bamboo construction led by Uraba Ponzone and Camila Duque from Tacuara Diseño en Bambú. Following that, […]

belas bamboo The BELAS Bamboo was developed in Architectural Association Visiting School São Paulo in 2022. The workshop relied on Augmented Reality (AR) technology to guide manual fabrication actions for developing complex geometries built with bamboo. Bamboo was chosen as the material because it is a local material that grows fast and is a carbon-sequestering […]

wood pavillion The WOOD Pavilion was developed at SUBdV Architecture for a wedding in Sao Paulo. Our goal was to set a hexagonal wood lining, which should be fixed in a metal existing structure of 10m in length by 7m wights, and 8m high. For form-finding, a flat hexagon grid was drawn and applied to […]

bamboo sphere The BAMBOO Sphere was conducted with the architect Henrique Lattes Borçato as a trial study for the Architectural Association Visiting School in 2020. We recreated a sphere designed by the artist, Alison Grace Martin, in the AA Visiting School 2019 workshop. To build the sphere, we divided it into two identical domes. The […]

jellyfish The JELLYFish was designed for Digital Futures 2020, and it is a very special project for me. It was developed during the pandemic year as an attempt to relive, in an abstract way, sensations that made me feel good before the lockdown. I believe water is linked to a form of meditation, perhaps because […]

loop dome LOOP Dome was developed in my Master’s degree in Parametric Design in Architecture, at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. A design competition was held in which seven groups of students explored bending-active techniques to design a 6-meter diameter dome using a combination of experimental modeling and parametric design. The aim was to achieve a […]