organic benches The ORGANIC Benches were developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design for an event in Sao Paulo. The layout was designed by the architect Nathalie Bacellar, who left an area of ​​60 square meters for the benches. The pieces were developed in Grasshopper, from conception to execution. The advantage of doing the project in […]

mona counter The MONA Counter was designed at SUBdV Architecture to match other existing fiberglass furniture built in 2016 by Jeff Chicarelli. This project aimed to restore an existing MDF counter, keeping it as the structure and creating a fiberglass skin to fit onto it. To achieve the organic shape, we fabricated styrofoam molds over […]

shared room Sleep, play, read, and share. These were the keywords used to conceptualize the SHARED Room. The project was developed at the SUBdV Architecture for a family looking for a versatile room for their kids that could function as a private and comfortable space and as a gathering environment. We designed an interactive partition […]