loop dome

LOOP Dome was developed in my Master’s degree in Parametric Design in Architecture, at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. A design competition was held in which seven groups of students explored bending-active techniques to design a 6-meter diameter dome using a combination of experimental modeling and parametric design. The aim was to achieve a lightweight, feasible, transportable, and resilient structure while controlling a constant curvature. Three of the seven proposals were chosen to be built to scale. The students that participated in the other four projects were split up between the three winning proposals to participate in a collaborative assembly of the domes. The three groups were divided into expert subgroups that elaborated on each project’s structural analysis, material testing, detailing, and construction.

loop configurations: 10, 14, 18 and 20 loops
Structural Analysis:
Displacements, Bending Stresses and Axial Stresses with loads of 1.5 N vertical and wind of 5 kN/m2
membrane details

Team Leaders: Victoria Eckhardt Ouinones and Ricardo Orfila Roldan
Team: Alfonso Melero Bevia, Camila Calegari Marques, David Gransewicz, Mateus Sartori, and Sebastian Sanches Noguera.

after Leslie hurricane