organic benches

The ORGANIC Benches were developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design for an event in Sao Paulo. The layout was designed by the architect Nathalie Bacellar, who left an area of ​​60 square meters for the benches. The pieces were developed in Grasshopper, from conception to execution. The advantage of doing the project in a parametric way was that the architect could choose the shape of the benches in real time, just adjust the initial curve in Rhino and everything changes automatically, including the nesting.

The seats are 8.6m length x 3.7m wight and 5.5m length x 4.5m wight. Both seats are made of 15mm MDF and the closure is made of 3mm flexible plywood. The benches were divided into modules respecting the 2750mm x 1850mm MDF sheets. The waffle structure was made with wood scraps from the cutting plans made for other projects, due to which the details such as thickness and size of the inserts were manually adjusted in Rhinoceros.

Option 1: Benches and stairs designed in Anemone. Create the aspect of landscape made with laser cut. Waffle structure.
Option 2: Benches designed in Grasshopper. Simplify the first option using flexible wood with 3mm in order to cost less. Waffle structure.
Design process in grasshopper
Design process in grasshopper
Option 2: Nesting made in Openest. Divide the top of the benche in order to fit in a MDF sheet, and create modules.