Play Structures: Parametric Structural System Workshop (canceled)

The “AA Visiting School Sao Paulo 2021 – Play Structures” will be the first of a two-part workshop series led by architect and Professor Kristof Crolla, to be conducted in a hybrid online – physical format. The first workshop will explore the combination of bamboo construction and digital design technology, building upon previous research into digital design used for the implementation of bending-active bamboo shell structures. The course will advance work conducted with the University of Hong Kong’s Building Simplexity Lab, so to combine an exploration of architectural design with digital real-time physics-simulation engines to create physical prototypes of these low-tech, lightweight construction systems within the Brazilian context, aided by a team of local digital design experts and members of the @subdv_architecture team.

The second-part of the two-part workshop, which will take place in July 2022, will build these bamboo structures at a one-to-one scale, inspired by those that were temporarily deployed along the Minhocão elevated highway during the 2019 Visiting School São Paulo High Line workshop. These interventions unexpectedly inspired both adults and children to play, and created a type of consciousness of the urban realm and a sense of urban citizenship and community. Students in the July 2022 workshop will work on creating novel playful structures for a re-appropriation of the urban space in downtown São Paulo.