wood pavillion The WOOD Pavilion was developed at SUBdV Architecture for a wedding in Sao Paulo. Our goal was to set a hexagonal wood lining, which should be fixed in a metal existing structure of 10m in length by 7m wights, and 8m high. For form-finding, a flat hexagon grid was drawn and applied to […]

organic benches The ORGANIC Benches were developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design for an event in Sao Paulo. The layout was designed by the architect Nathalie Bacellar, who left an area of ​​60 square meters for the benches. The pieces were developed in Grasshopper, from conception to execution. The advantage of doing the project in […]

shared room Sleep, play, read, and share. These were the keywords used to conceptualize the SHARED Room. The project was developed at the SUBdV Architecture for a family looking for a versatile room for their kids that could function as a private and comfortable space and as a gathering environment. We designed an interactive partition […]

bloom puzzle The BLOOM puzzle was developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design tooccupy the empty space of the raw plywood and laminated plywoodsheets that are used to manufacture the Linha Bloom furniture. Thepuzzle is a gift for customers and can be assembled in different ways andquantities.