Interactive Constructions: Augmented Reality Bamboo Structures Placed in a Mixed Reality (MR) context, the AA Visiting School São Paulo 2022 will rely on Augmented Reality (AR) technology to guide manual fabrication actions for the development of complex geometries built with bamboo. This year, the design and fabrication of these parametric structures will be led by […]

cultivarte arches The CULTIVARTE Arches were developed in a three-day workshop by the architect Jaime Peña. The workshop involved fabricating and rigging ten arches. The project was designed by Jaime Peña Studio using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. The construction was led by the Cultivarte team, Jaime and the workshop participants. First, a bamboo frame was built […]

TACUARA DISEÑO EN BAMBÚ and the architect Luis Santiago Montoya Ramírez designed the CANDELA SPA project. My contribution came during in the construction phase, redesigning the project in Grasshopper to improve the workflow on the construction site and providing hands on support to the prefabrication, assembly, and painting of bamboo parts. This project reflects a […]

casa caiçara The CAIÇARA House are beeing developed at SUBdV Arquitetura e Design. It is about 3 hours from Sao Paulo – Barra do Sahy. The site is in an Atlantic Forest Mountain with limited car access. We are planning to add detached 4 bedrooms on the site and because of the limitations with material […]

sou energy The SOU Energy façade was developed at SUBdV Architecture. The goal was to generate an ornamental and efficient façade. We worked with a sustainability team that gave us the optimal angles for each facade; that way, we could use this data as an input to start our work. My function was to design […]

guarapiranga nautical park The project is a public urban nautical park in the border of the Guarapiranga dam. The intention is to turn it into a nautical sports school – not mechanized – for the population resident in São Paulo, beyond to requalify and restructure the region. Furthermore, is important raise awareness the population about […]